Unreasonable Hospitality Summary, Key Lessons & Ideas

"Unreasonable Hospitality: The Remarkable Power of Giving People More Than They Expect" by Will Guidara

5-Line Summaries:

“Unreasonable Hospitality” by Will Guidara talks about how being extra nice in hospitality can make guests happy.

Guidara shares stories from his own experiences to show how being super nice can make guests remember their stay. 

He explains how being good at service can make people want to come back and tell others about it. 

The book gives simple tips for people working in hospitality to be extra nice and do better than others. 

It’s a helpful book for anyone who wants to make guests happy and succeed in hospitality.

Quote of the Book:

“Whatever you do for a living, you can choose to be in the hospitality business.”

Will Guidara

About the Author:

Will Guidara is a big name in making guests happy at restaurants. He owns famous places where guests have an amazing time. He gets awards for his restaurants because they’re some of the best in the world Guidara doesn’t just run restaurants; he also teaches and talks about making guests happy. He’s like a leader in the hospitality world. Overall, he’s known for being good at making sure guests leave happy and wanting to come back again.

Broad Summary:

Who makes eating out in New York City a blast? Will Guidara!  His book, “Unreasonable Hospitality,” tells you how to make customers super happy. It’s not about just yummy food; it’s about making memories that make people satisfied and say “Wow!”.

Imagine this: it’s your birthday at a restaurant, and everyone starts singing! Even the chefs join in, bringing out a giant cake that seems to appear out of nowhere.  Cool, right?  This is what Guidara calls “unreasonable hospitality” – making your visit amazing with surprises.

His book isn’t just fun stories. It has awesome tips for any business!  Guidara shows how a simple note from the owner or a surprise gift can make a customer feel special. Imagine walking into your favorite store and finding a wrapped present with your name on it!

He even talks about changing the whole place. Picture a kid’s birthday party at a restaurant, but instead of balloons, it’s a pirate adventure!  Now that’s a party they’ll never forget.

Here’s the best part: these ideas aren’t just for restaurants.  Guidara wants every business to make customers smile.  A small shop could wrap your gifts with cute notes, or a salon could surprise you with a relaxing massage. It’s all about finding little ways to make customers feel important.

By following Guidara’s tricks, businesses can become the best! Imagine a bookstore where story time gets a special guest or a dog walker who throws in a free play session at the park. The possibilities are endless!

The reward?

Happy customers who keep coming back and telling everyone how great you are. “Unreasonable Hospitality” is like magic for businesses. It shows you how to create memories and succeed by going above and beyond for your customers. 

So, are you ready to make your business amazing?

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Best Lessons from the Book:

Lesson 1: From Happy to WOW! Make Your Customers Say “Wow!”

The most important thing from Will Guidara’s book “Unreasonable Hospitality” is making your customers super happy, even happier than just “good service” happy. He wants them to be so surprised and excited they tell everyone they know!

Imagine it’s your birthday dinner. The food is yummy, the waiter is nice, but it’s a regular night. Then, BAM! Everyone starts singing Happy Birthday! Even the cooks come out dancing with a giant cake that seems to appear out of thin air! Now that’s a birthday you won’t forget!

These amazing surprises are what Guidara calls “unreasonable hospitality.” It’s about doing unexpected things that make your customers say “Wow!” His book is full of stories from his restaurants where he did just that. For example, the chef might write a happy anniversary note on your menu, or they might surprise you with a gift you love, like your favorite wine or tickets to a cool concert.

The goal is to make your customers feel like the most special person around. It’s not about expensive gifts or crazy tricks, but about those little surprises that show you care and want their visit to be awesome. By following this trick, you can turn any regular experience into something amazing, and keep your customers coming back for more!

Lesson 2: Make Them Feel Special with Little Surprises

Remember that time you felt like just another customer at a store? Not cool, right? Guidara wants your customers to feel like superstars! His second lesson is about “little surprises” that make people feel special.

Think of your favorite store. The clerk doesn’t know your name, you grab something and pay. Boring! Now imagine this: the clerk smiles and says, “Hey [Your Name]! We just got your favorite cookies in fresh today!” Suddenly, your shopping trip feels a bit more fun!

These “little surprises” are what Guidara likes. They show you care and make the experience more personal. His book is full of ideas from his restaurants. For example, a waiter might write a note on your menu saying “Congrats on graduating!” Or the kitchen might make you a special dessert if you tell them you can’t eat dairy.

It doesn’t have to be big. Just remember their name, their favorite thing, or something they said before. These little things make people feel good and want to come back to your business.

So, how can you do this? Think about what would make your customer smile. Could you write a welcome note at your shop? Maybe a dog walker could remember a pup’s name and offer a free treat? By following this trick, you can turn any customer into a friend who feels special, not just someone paying you money.

Lesson 3: Decorations Make It Awesome!

Imagine a birthday party with just balloons – kinda boring, right? Will Guidara says add some pizzazz! This lesson is about using decorations to make your space super cool, just like a party!

Think about your store. It’s normal, shelves with stuff. Now imagine it decorated like a jungle! Maybe there are fun signs and even stuffed animals hanging around. Way more exciting, right?

Decorations don’t have to be crazy, just something that fits your business and makes it feel special. A bakery could hang up pictures of cute animals for a “Puppy Cupcake Party.” A dog walker could bring along a bubble machine for a bubbly walk in the park.

The goal is to make it more than just a regular visit. Guidara’s book talks about how he decorated a room like a beach for someone who couldn’t go on vacation. Imagine the surprise!

It’s not about expensive things, but about using your imagination to make people smile. So get creative! Think of decorations that make your business feel one-of-a-kind. By following this trick, you can turn your space into a place where people have fun and make memories they won’t forget!

Lesson 4: It’s a Surprise Party for Everyone!

Will Guidara’s book isn’t just about restaurants! This lesson is like a surprise party – you can make anyone smile, anywhere!

Remember that haircut? Just snip, snip, done. Boring! What if you got a free head massage too? Now that’s a surprise!

These little surprises are what Guidara likes. They show you care and make people extra happy. It can be anything! A store could draw a silly picture on your gift bag, or a dog walker could throw in a free game of fetch after your walk.

Just find a small surprise that makes your customer smile. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just something unexpected that shows you thought of them. Imagine a free car wash mat, or a surprise story time guest at the library!

By following this trick, any business can be the most fun, not just another place. Happy customers will tell everyone how awesome you are, and that’s the best way to get more customers ever!

Lesson 5: Make Every Visit a Celebration!

Don’t just give your customers a regular experience, make it feel like a happy party! Just like adding a fun game to your dog walk, a surprise can turn a normal visit into a memory they’ll cherish.

Think of little things: a puppet show at the library, a free dog treat after a walk, or even a fun activity at your store. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just something unexpected that brings a smile.

By adding a little “party spirit,” your business becomes the place for happy memories. People will remember the fun and keep coming back for more! So ditch the boring and get creative. Turn your business into a place where everyone feels like it’s their birthday!

Lesson 6: Happy Team, Happy Customers!

Will Guidara says a happy team is like a secret weapon for making customers super happy too! This lesson is all about working together to make everyone smile.

Imagine a store where the worker seems grumpy. Yuck! Now imagine they greet you by name and help you find something cool.

Much better, right?

Guidara says everyone on your team should be part of the “surprise party” crew. His book talks about how he let his restaurant workers come up with their ways to make people happy. Maybe it’s a birthday card from the chef or remembering a customer’s favorite candy bar.

The key is to get your team excited about spreading smiles. When everyone works together, even a normal visit can turn into something awesome.

So how can you do this?

Talk to your team and ask for ideas! Let them be creative and share what they think would make customers happy. Most importantly, show them you appreciate their efforts. By working as a team, you can turn your business into a champion crew, making customers smile and building success together!

Best Key Ideas of the Book:

1.   Wow customers with amazing surprises, not just good service.

2.   Make them feel special with personal touches, like names or gifts.

3.   Fun decorations turn your place into a cool party zone!

4.   Surprise anyone, anywhere! Make them smile with unexpected treats.

5.   Every visit can be a celebration with fun activities or surprises.

6.   Happy workers make happy customers, so get your team on board!

7.   Do more than expected, it’s the secret to happy customers!

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